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       Hall Carpenter had its humble beginnings with Mr. Carpenter running a machine shop in Providence as a sole proprietor and located his business in a primarily industrial part of the city.  In 1951 Hall-Carpenter incorporated with two other men, one of whom was  an expert in Motion and Time study, Advanced accounting, Industrial Psychology and Advanced Production Control.  The other man was a trained Machinist and Mechanic. Together they operated Hall-Carpenter, Co., Inc from its inception on November 3, 1950 until it finally began loosing income and eventually went into receivership.

     No matter, highway expansion under President Eisenhower took much of the Providence industrial and residential property for the new interstate highway system.  The highway system was named after the President known as the Eisenhower Highway now known to most of us as Rt. 95 which stretches from Canada to Florida.

Here is the original Letterhaed after Hall-Carpenter incorporated:

Below were the prices for the machine shop back in 1951. Today, these prices would be preceded by an additional $500 - 900:

Can you imagine going to a Chevrolet Dealership and asking for the head to be removed, valves ground and seated for only $.75 per valve and the head replaced for only $7.75 ?  

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