The original Hall-Carpenter, Co.,was founded Circa 1925 in Providence, Rhode Island. The business was located at 17 Byron Street Providence. That street and Hall-Carpenter Mfg. Co., Inc was the victim of highway expansion which is now Rt.95 South just West of the Rhode Island Hospital. Back in the day, Tennanski Z. Carpenter, the owner and an engineer, developed a method which allowed his company to "sew" cracked engine blocks from race cars. He developed a rudimentary mathematic model of speed and torque based upon skid marks which aided him in determining the best method of sewing the cracked race car engines. This process saved the race car industry thousands of dollars. In its day the concept was brilliant. Unfortunately for Hall-Carpenter, the company fell on hard times and in 1933 ended up in receivership.

In 1985, Edwin T. Scallon, (PPD Ret.), doing research on accident reconstruction came across this company and lifted the name, since it was literally one of the first reconstruction companies which demonstrated a unique approach to speed derived from tire marks and damage. Ed Began authoring accident reconstruction programs. The original accident reconstruction program was named Skids Ver 1.01 which quickly gave rise to Speed and then onto Momentum and BAC (all three are still available). The latest online version is located in the Programs for Use On Line area to the left on this history screen and can be used free of charge or even downloaded. A full Windows or Mac version is available in the products section of this web. You may purchase these new programs with full documentation from the downloads screen.

By 1991, the computer programs grew in popularity, as did the reconstruction industry. 1n 1992 the sole proprietorship became incorporated and with two other accident reconstructionists the company moved operations to Providence, RI , not far from the spot of the original Hall-Carpenter, Co of the '30s. Between 1991 and 1995 Hall-Carpenter, Inc. developed site reduction programs and reconstructed dozens of accidents. The corporation ceased operation in 1995 and after closing, Ed continued developing more sophisticated computer programs many of which were shelved until now. The new releases are here.